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In order to get noticed, long before a shortlist is established, your resume and covering letter need to be clear, concise and an accurate reflection and depiction of yourself and your expertise.  First impressions count, and unfortunately for many jobseekers that first and often last impression is your resume or cover letter.

Stillwell Select Recruitment candidates get noticed.  Many of our candidates have been fortunate enough to have moved from job to job over the entire duration of their career to date and do not have a resume; whereas some of our ‘career temps’ have fine-tuned their resume over many years with great precision.  Whatever your situation is, Stillwell Select Recruitment employs expert Consultants who can help give you the best possible chance of making it to interview where you can separate yourself from the rest.

We offer a broad range of carefully crafted resume preparation services based on first-hand expertise in the domestic and international marketplace along with your requirements so it is personalised.  Your new CV will be visually pleasing, clear, articulate, grammatically sound, interesting and easy to modify for future positions.

C-Suite and Senior Executive Roles $499.00 + GST
Designed to target the most senior executive positions, this process will involve a complete overhaul of your resume, cover letter template and biography page for use on LinkedIn, Seek, CareerOne and other platforms.  This is our most popular service, aimed at demonstrating your capacity to lead a significant organisation or division.

Executive Roles $399.00 + GST
This service will help you to target a senior management or executive position where you are responsible for leadership and accountability of teams of people, budgets, human, material and financial management.  This service will include a biography that can be utilised elsewhere on platforms such as LinkedIn, Seek, CareerOne and the likes.

IT/ICT Roles  $399.00 + GST
Our expert Recruitment Consulting team will be involved in assisting us to make the maximum impact with your CV with this service by including the correct technical wording required of an IT/ICT professional while presenting your resume in a manner that is understandable by someone who is not so technically minded.  A blend of technical expertise illustrating your IT/ICT savviness with clear articulation surrounding the level of impact you have made within your past and present workplaces beyond your technical capacity will be achieved with this service.

Middle Management Roles $299.00 + GST
Aimed at the aspiring or up & coming executive, this resume service will help you get noticed and differentiate yourself from competing candidates who are also ready to move into a management or a more senior position.  This service is aimed at extracting not only your technical competencies but focusing on the value you have added and the impact you are able to make within an organisation.

Ground Up Resume Building  $POA
This service is offered to someone who needs to build from scratch either all or a combination of their profiles.  It may include resume preparation, cover letter template development and coaching, social media profiles and other job seeking related materials designed to give you the most up-to-date, professional image now that you are seeking new or alternative employment.