Recruitment Solutions


At the heart of what we do is our team of specialist Recruitment Consultants and their commitment to build business partnerships and find high performance candidates for their client’s organisations.  We assist many of these same clients in complex Human Resources and legislative matters, and offer expert consultation and remediation where existing staff may require training, re-training or coaching and counselling.

Temporary / Contract Staff


Organisations of all shapes and sizes have a complex range of business requirements, challenges and opportunities which command the need for temporary staffing solutions.  Our clients’ needs vary extensively based on economic peaks and troughs, seasonality, business flexibility, projects, tenders, temporary leave, jury duty, sickness and parental leave.  Hiring temporary staff is also a fantastic way of clients trialing staff prior to offering them a permanent or fixed contract.

Permanent Staff


While a range of technologies have been developed to assist organisations in their attraction, engagement and recruitment methodologies; so have the technologies for candidates to exploit them.  Regardless of the size of an organisation or the nature of work they undertake, the importance of recruiting people using a professional services organisation like Stillwell Select Recruitment is higher than ever.

Psychometric Testing & Skills Assessment


Psychological testing will help you to make the most informed, rounded and lower risk recruitment and selection decisions which ultimately results in fewer unsuccessful hiring decisions and lower overall recruitment costs.

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