Permanent Staff

While a range of technologies have been developed to assist organisations in their attraction and recruitment methodologies, so have the technologies for candidates to exploit them.  Regardless of the size of an organisation or the nature of work they undertake, the importance of recruiting people using a professional services organisation like Stillwell Select Recruitment is higher than ever.

The cost of a bad hire and the difficulty in terminating a poor performer or someone who is toxic to your organisation’s culture is often at least tenfold the cost of correct, expert recruitment assistance from a Firm like Stillwell Select Recruitment – and this is before even considering the non-tangible costs you might incur such as damage to your culture, reputation and loss of business.

Our Professional and Support Staff teams have an intimate understanding of the South Australian employment market, and our industry leading performance guarantees on placed candidates will give you peace of mind when engaging us as your permanent recruitment partner.

We cater to an array of industry sectors and your dedicated Recruitment Consultant will work with you from start to finish and throughout the guarantee period so that your Stillwell Select Recruitment point of contact is centralised and accountable to you always.

Our most popular permanent recruitment solution is our all-inclusive service.  Statistically, your organisation will benefit more greatly when you outsource your permanent recruitment needs exclusively to Stillwell Select Recruitment.  While our all-inclusive service is the best possible way for you to recruit high performance staff who have the technical capability, skills capability, emotional intelligence and cultural fit with your organisation; we do often work with clients who have minimal budgets by providing tailored, scalable recruitment solutions that range from overseeing your own internal process through to unbundled reference checking, psychological appraisal, skills assessment and panel interview services.

Your organisation may have a small budget or would like to test the water by trialling Stillwell Select Recruitment before full engagement.  Whatever your needs; we will provide you with an honest, value for money assessment of recruitment requirements and can usually operate within the strictest of budgets by tailoring our services.

Stillwell Select Recruitment consultants are endorsed by the Institute of Management Consultants and the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association.  All of our work is undertaken in-house and no services are outsourced or undertaken off-shore.