Resume Preparation


Interviewers can spend as little as 20 seconds reviewing your resume or as much as 45 minutes checking it word for word.  At either end of the spectrum; a resume that reflects your professionalism and desire to win and perform in the role you are applying for is equally as important.

Help & Advice, Career Guidance & Remuneration Consultation

Whether you’re no longer finding fulfilment in your position, you’re unemployed and failing to get noticed or you are having workplace issues related to something or someone; we can offer you a range of services through our Recruitment Consultants, Management Consultants and Psychologists.

Psychological Appraisal & Skills Testing


Many of our candidates want to know what potential employers will seek to find out about them during a recruitment process so that they feel more as though they are on a level playing field when being considered for positions.

Recorded Interview Coaching & Presentation Skills


Age old encouragement to practice what you’re going to say during an interview or for a workplace presentation in the mirror or with a loved one is better than nothing but offers little in comparison to trial interviews and presentations based on real questions and topics developed by the experts at Stillwell Select Recruitment.

Candidate Centre