Psychometric Testing & Skills Assessment

Psychological testing will help you to make the most informed, rounded and lower risk recruitment and selection decisions which ultimately results in fewer unsuccessful hiring decisions and lower overall recruitment costs.

Independent international research shows that organisations using assessment tools as part of the recruitment process on average see a:

  • 47% greater improvement in hiring managers’ overall satisfaction
  • 12% increase in revenue and an 11% increase in profit per fulltime recruit
  • 15% greater performance in first year retention
  • 15% greater new-hire on-the-job performance

Using psychometric assessments and skills testing through Stillwell Select Recruitment will give your interviewers:

  • Far greater skills at asking the right questions and not relying on what candidates choose to disclose to them
  • Powerful metrics and insights into individual candidates’ capability, ability, resilience and intelligence
  • An educated understanding of a candidate’s personality and potential
  • The ability to more accurately predict performance, development areas and retention

Our clients see overall performance and cultural improvements where Stillwell Select Recruitment placements are made.


Australian Psychological Society Accreditation 

Stillwell Select Recruitment & Stillwell Management Consultants employs permanent, full-time General Psychologists and certified specialist Organisational Psychologists.  We do not outsource any psychological services as such services are often transactional and lead to a break down in accountability between your recruiter and their chosen supplier.

We recommend engaging a recruitment organisation such as Stillwell Select Recruitment with the in-house expertise and capacity; and endorsement by the Australian Psychological Society.